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The Dysart Drive In holds many memories for loyal customers, but most especially for owner Rhonda Harrison.  The drive in has been a mainstay in the Dysart community for 53 years.  Vivian Wiebbecke successfully ran the business for 18 years before Rhonda’s parents, Tony and Dorothy Pospisil, took over the business.  Thirty-five years later, the business is still going strong.

Rhonda and her husband Steve (owner of Hydro Excavating) took over the business after her father passed away last year. The Pospisils lived in Wisconsin, but would spend their summers in Dysart running the drive in. Dorothy is not able to come down to help at the drive in this year due to her health. And now, more than ever, Rhonda recalls the precious memories of the seasons spent together as a family running their business.

Dorothy would always prepare the buns and Tony always cooked the food. Rhonda helped wherever she was needed. The trio spent 34 seasons together serving cheeseburgers, tenderloins, and ice cream—their customer favorites. Customers have always known to expect good food and a friendly face when stopping by the Dysart Drive In.

Today, the Dysart Drive In is best recognized by Rhonda’s spray paint art and cheerful messages.  Rhonda loves smiley faces and many of her customers give her smiley faces to display at the restaurant. When children stop by, they enjoy trying to count all of the smiley faces but usually give up because there are too many to count. Many customers leave pennies on the window sill for children to enjoy a gum ball from the penny gum ball machine, which has been around for almost as long as the business has.

The Dysart Drive In is open from mid-April until September or October, depending upon the weather and business. Rhonda employs three part-time employees from the local area, but customers will more than likely find Rhonda with a smile on her face, serving up good food and keeping the family business going strong.


Address 727 IA Hwy 21, Box 311, Dysart, IA 52224

Phone Number 319-476-3900

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